About author.

Wellcome! My name is Dimitry Zharikov. I am the author of this website and professional programmer who is engaged in the web developing business and have many years of experience in creating server's and client's applications.

I have done many web projects in fields and with different levels of complexity that was written in PHP, Python and Javascript languages. Several of them can be running on mobile platforms.

Besides developing, I am conducting online courses about programming using Python and Javascript.

The project`s goal.

The purpose of this website is to teach people how to create any programs for web servers and web browsers in the most efficient way. The material is formed as groups of lessons in which I tried to collect and systemize my knowledge. The lessons contain theoretical and practical parts.

I am going to publish video demonstrations as far as possible.

It will be greate to get any feedback from you.

My contacts

email: zdimon77@gmail.com

skype: zdimon77